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Where to Get Original Polo Shirts in Pakistan

August 01, 2023

Where to Get Original Polo Shirts in Pakistan


The trend of original polo shirts in Pakistan is about 100 years old. You can look at these t-shirts being very famous in all fields of life. They have made up their place in formal wear as well. Due to their immense popularity, many industries have selected polo shirts as their uniform.

Today, many brands offer polo shirts, but finding the original shirts have become equally difficult. In the generation of replication, polo shirts have lost their genuine quality. Moreover, since original polo shirts are costly, originality is replaced by replicas to make them accessible to all.

Since the duplication process has become so strong and refined, it becomes difficult to differentiate between original and copies. Therefore, one may presume that it’s difficult to find original polo shirts in Pakistan, but not impossible as certain brands still offer authentic and original quality.

Original Polo Shirts in Pakistan:

Before you dwell on buying original polo shirts in Pakistan, let’s look at some of the prevalent designs and trends in Pakistan. Ever since their advent up till now, Polo shirts have divided into many categories, which are as follows:

Short sleeve Polos:

As the name indicates, these polo shirts have short sleeves and can be made from many different materials. The color range is a lot more diverse. Thus you can find many different patterns and colors in this category.

Pique Polos:

This is one of the most prevalent types of polo shirts you would find around. The only difference is the material that is used in the manufacturing. This is a type you probably have in use, and it’s still in your closet. Many of the renowned brands like Ralph Lauren provide pique polos. These are made up of cotton and have a very nice durable and natural stretch in the fabric.

Long Sleeve Polos:

You might already know about this one. This type only differs because of the long sleeves. These polo shirts come with full sleeves like a sweater. They provide somewhat more coverage, therefore, are most suitable for areas with harsh weather, specifically for winters.

Golf Polos:

Golf polo shirts differ from the ones you style for your daily wear. Sports demand a lot of exertion and cause sweat. Therefore gold t-shirts are made from a fabric with plenty of stretching. These shirts also have additional features of temperature control and absorption, thus perfect for a sports lover!

Wool Polos:

The name itself suggests the use of these polo shirts. More like a sweater, these polo shirts are made from woolen fabric to suit their use in cold weather. However, one should never confuse their durability with pique polos because they last longer than any other type. If you are a big polo fan, these polo shirts are super comfortable for colder months.

Where to Buy Original Polo Shirts in Pakistan?

In a world full of deception, the search becomes much more difficult when it comes to originality. Similarly, amidst the rising duplication and trend of replicas, the search for original polo shirts has become difficult. But wait, you should not worry anymore. I have gathered some brands, which provide authentic branded polo shirts and deliver all across Pakistan!

I know you must be worried about the price as well! Let me tell you, the original polo shirts price in Pakistan is significantly higher. However, some brands offer brilliant quality and authentic products at much more affordable prices. Sounds fascinating, right? Let’s have a look at these online brands mentioned ahead:

FAD Pakistan:

FAD stands for Fashion and Design. This is one of the top brands for original polo shirts in Pakistan. The catchiest aspect is that they deliver all across Pakistan.

This brand offers an extensive range of polo shirts with distinct patterns and colors. They have it all, ranging from printed, monotone, and a striped polo shirt to statement embroidered polo shirts. When it comes to price range, they are costly, which might be a turn-off for many customers.

They provide polo shirts from renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren and La Martina, which offer an exclusive quality of original polo t-shirts. Therefore, such statement names come with statement prices as well. Most of their polo shirts fall between the ranges of Rs- 9000 to 25,000at max. 


The diner is a famous brand for men’s wear in Pakistan. They are most famous for their t-shirts. Thus polo t-shirts also come under the same category. They have branches all across Pakistan and are easily accessible.

Considering most of the Pakistani customers, they have much more reasonable prices. Diners offer short sleeve polo shirts, which are best to style for summers. They have many plain, printed, and embroidered polo shirts with a logo at the front. Their shirts come with a slim fit and fall between the ranges of Rs. 2000-3000 at max.

Apollo Pakistan:

If you are a sports freak, you might know about Apollo Pakistan. Some people struggle hard to find sporty polo shirts in Pakistan. If you are one of them, then this brand is for you. All of their polo t-shirts are within the range of Rs. 1000. They offer material and quality which is stretchable and allow temperature regulation and sweat absorption.

Hangree Pakistan:

Hangree is another most affordable brand for men’s wear in Pakistan. They also have their collection of original polo shirts in Pakistan. They offer a high and exclusive quality of polo shirts with an extensive range of patterns and designs. Embraided, printed, logo design, or striped pattern, name whatever style you want, hangree has it in store for you. They also deliver all across Pakistan with extremely pocket-friendly prices below Rs. 1000.

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