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Article: List of Ladies Clothing Brands in Lahore - Location and Price Range

ladies clothing

List of Ladies Clothing Brands in Lahore - Location and Price Range

Ladies Clothing Brands

The clothing brands in Pakistan for women save them from fatigue and frustration by offering beautiful and decent ready-to-wear dresses. Women and young girls find them a perfect solution to look presentable, up-to-date, and trendy as we live in a society where taking care of your dress is the norm. Brands are helping consumers to develop their original style to look effortlessly cool and comfortable in their skins by choosing outfits from their outlets.

Alkaram Studios:

Alkaram Studios is a ‘timeless classic’ ladies clothing brand in Lahore understanding the quick changes of the fashion trends. They are serving consumers with their high-quality clothing articles, accessories, and other fashion items. 

Products: Alkaram Studios offers a variety of women clothes stitched and unstitched in eastern and western designs. They are providing trendy, classy, and stylish pret wear, kurtas, shirts for casual and formal occasions. 

Price: Their prices start from 2000 PKR.

Location: Alkaram Studios are in Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Amanah Mall, and famous locations like MM Alam Road, Gulshan-e-Ravi, etc.


Alkaram Studios aims to prepare the clothing articles to fit consumer’s body shape and size. You will find high-quality cambric, linen, and lawn fabric at affordable prices.


Khaadi is a solution for impressive ready-to-wear and unstitched dresses for women. Khaadi Pret kurtas and accessories will prove beautiful additions for your wardrobe. Using high-quality fabric, it makes your apparel impressive and comfortable. 

  • Products: In Pret, they offer kurta with dupatta, kurta with pants, basic kurta, printed kurta, and full suit dresses. In the Khaadi Khas section, they offer semi-formal dresses for party-wear like bottoms, tops, shalwars, and pants. In western attire, they have tunics, tops, t-shirts, stoles, etc. They offer home accessories and jewelry accessories to make women’s shopping experience happy.
  • Price: Khaadi’s basic kurtas start from 2000 PKR, and they offer discounts on various sales including clearance sales, etc.
  • Location: Khaadi’s outlet is in Packages Mall, Amanah Mall, Emporium Mall, MM Alam Road, Allama Iqbal Town, and Gulshan-e-Ravi.

Khaadi is the ultimate solution for comfortable and trendy dresses for casual and formal wear. You can confidently add Khaadi’s stylish dresses in your wardrobe. 


Kayseria aims to empower girls and women to feel confident and strong wearing decent dresses. It is a good choice for women to shop for decent and elegant stitch and unstitch dresses.

Products: Kayseria’s dresses have traditional and sophisticated prints. Their stitched dresses have a touch of classic designs. They offer pret kurtas, full suit, long and short shirts, ghrara, sharara, shalwars, etc.

Price: The prices start from 4000 - 5000 for shirts and dresses. Kayseria is expensive but provides quality stuff to invest in.

Location: The brand’s outlets are also present in Emporium Mall, Xinhua Mall, and Allama Iqbal Town, etc. 

Kayseria’s fabric is elegant and decent with embroideries pleasant to see and wear. It is a fabulous addition to the wardrobe. 

Junaid Jamsheed J. 

Junaid Jamsheed’s brand is specific for its cultural and traditional outfits for kids, teen girls, and women. The brand represents Pakistan’s traditional shalwar kameez in innovative and modern styles mixing the western and eastern designs. 

Products: Shalwar Kameez, Kurta pajama and unstitched collection of the J. is an ultimate solution for the casual and formal events. They have hand-woven, cambric, embellished, print embellish, cambric shirt, and dupatta available in their outlets. 

Price: Kurtas and shirts start from 2000 PKR, and full dress starts from 5000 PKR. 

Location:  Junaid Jamsheed J. is in Packages Mall, Amanah Mall, Emporium Mall, and other locations like MM Alam road, Gulshan-e-Ravi, etc.

Junaid Jamsheed’s J. clothes are worthy to buy for casual events, and some of their dresses are best to wear on the formal and semi-formal events. It is one of the most reputable clothing brands in Pakistan for women.


Hangree is an outlet to select beautiful women dresses for casual and formal events. They offer dresses of high-quality, comfy, and effortless style. 

Products: Hangree provides a wide range of comfortable dresses for women to select from the catalog, and website. They have lawn, cambric, and linen dress decorated with embroidery, pearls, and studs. 

Price: The prices starting from 2000 PKR. 

Location: Hangree offers its services from an online platform. This is Lahore based clothing outlet form women. 

Hangree is the best clothing platform for women to shop. They can buy high-quality fabric at very affordable prices with the best customer services saving customers for the frustration. 

Maria B:

Maria B is famous for its embroidered net dresses among women which they love to wear in casual and formal events to make them memorable.

Products: Shalwar Kameez, Kurta Pajama, Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga are best seller dresses from Maria B outlet. They have the shirts with digital prints, net embroidery, pearls, and studs along with other full embroidery dresses. Frocks, long shirts, and net lehengas are very attractive for the buyers. 

Prices: Maria B’s price range starts from 5000 PKR. Dresses are more expensive according to their material and quality of the fabric. 

Location: Maria B’s outlet is in Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Amanah Mall, and other locations like MM Alam Road and Allama Iqbal Town. 

Maria B is a world-famous outlet for women to make their time memorable and exceptional. It is representing the Pakistani Community at the national and international levels and a reliable ladies clothing brands in Lahore.

Nishat Linen:

Nishat Linen is a well-known clothing brand in Pakistan providing quality stuff of lawn, cambric, khaddar, and other seasonal stuff. Their stitched and unstitched collection are for women, luxury pret along with many home accessories which are exceptional in quality and standard. 

Products: Nishat Linen offers a variety of shirts, kurtas, full dress, dupatta, and scarfs for women. They also offer home accessories like bed sheets, cushions, and comforts, etc. 

Price: Their price range starts from 5000 PKR and above.

Location: Nishat Linen has its outlets in the shopping malls and locations like Allama Iqbal Town, Gulberg, and Gulshan-e-Ravi, etc.

Nishat Linen’s quality stuff is appealing for many women so they can enjoy the shopping experience and invest in quality stuff and fabric.

Women clothing brands in Lahore are very competitive, and they have targeted all the women, young girls, teenage girls, and kids by providing them quality fabric in fine stitches with beautiful embroideries, etc. You can purchase your casual or formal dresses from these brands without any doubt.

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