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Article: List of Best Bed Sheets to Buy in Pakistan

List of Best Bed Sheets to Buy in Pakistan

List of Best Bed Sheets to Buy in Pakistan

Bedsheets are the most crucial aspect of your home. A bed sheet that gives an appealing and attractive outlook is likely to impact your mood as well. Imagine yourself entering into a room with no vibrancy and dull bedsheet; you are not likely to feel pleased. As we spend most of the relaxing time in our bedroom thus, it has to feel soothing and welcoming as well.

Research suggests spending good time inquiring about bed sheets, thus avoiding staying bizarre and uncomfortable at night. As bedsheets are the only thing that comes in contact with your body, they must be of good quality. There are many enlightening factors your need to know about bed sheets in Pakistan.

Types of Bed Sheet Sizes:

Depending on your need and style of living, there are multiple sizes of bed sheets available around. When it comes to buying bed sheets in Pakistan, people mostly prefer larger sizes. Most of such bedsheets come with pillow covers, comforter, and all other essentials. Thus, it costs you less than buying all these things separately. Have a look through common sizes of bed sheets:

  • Single Size Bed Sheet:

These types of bed sheets come with a single sheet and single pillow cover. These bedsheets are quite common for the use of children and bachelors. Moreover, you can also use them for guest rooms and servant quarters. These bed sheets come in different lengths and styles as well. 

  • Double Size Bed Sheet:

Double-sized bed sheets are made for beds, eligible for the use of two people. These bed sheets come with a single larger sheet and two pillowcases. If you have a larger size bed, buying this size bed sheet can help you use it over a single bed as well. In the case of adjoined twin beds, these bedsheets can work perfectly.

  • King Size Bed Sheets:

These bedsheets are for enormous bed sizes. This type suits the largest types of a double bed. Its full size counts as 16 times larger than double-size bed sheets, thus making them very spacious. These types of bed sheets come with all necessary details including, large sheets, pillowcases, comforter, cushions, etc. You can get many different styles and fabrics in this size of bed sheets in Pakistan. 

Five Trending Types of Bed Sheets:

When you step out to buy bedsheets in Pakistan, the most important thing is to look for the appropriate material. Thus, here’s a guide to know about the top five preferred materials among people. Have a look through them:

  • Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are the most prevalent bed sheets in Pakistan. These are ideal for summer and the most long-lasting as per the fabric and texture. All around the world, cotton is considered one of the best materials for making bedsheets. Cotton bed sheets are extremely lightweight, so they remain cool and comfortable for use in summer. These types of bed sheets come in very vibrant colors and patterns, thus illuminate one’s mood instantly.

  • Satin Bed Sheets

Satin is primarily used for making formal bed sheets. This material is quite common for wedding and bridal bed sheets. Satin bed sheets are silky and smooth; thus, this texture makes them suitable for both summer and winter.

  • Silk Bed Sheets

Like satin bed sheets, silk bed sheets are almost the same in texture. These are somewhat shinier and more costly than satin bed sheets. Silk is the most delicate fabric for bed sheets, but it’s not suitable for summers.

  • Velvet Bed Sheets

Velvet bedsheets are quite heavy in weight and are made of natural and synthetic fibers. Velvet bed sheets are smooth and fluffy and give a very warm and cozy feeling. Thus, a perfect choice for winters.

  • Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel bed sheets are made with cotton combed fabric. These are the heaviest bedsheets among all these types. Therefore, Flannel bed sheets are perfect for winters. It is because the fleece-like texture makes them very comfortable and cozy for a perfect winter night.

Top Brands For Bed Sheets in Pakistan:

The top brands to buy bedsheets in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Hangree:

Coming to the bedsheet range of Hangree, they are eminent manufacturers of top-quality bed sheets in Pakistan. They make it to the top brand due to vivid colors, innovative designs, and premium quality. Hangree claims to deliver the best of the colors with a blend of style and elegance.

  • Nishat Linen:

Nishat is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. They deal in high quality of home essential as well. The most important aspect of their bedsheets is their quality which lasts longer than average.

  • ChenOne:

ChenOne has the most affordable range of bedsheets. However, they are not quite rich with the diversity of designs. They are ranging from kids to bridal bed sheets and thus cater to all categories in a very normal price range.

  • Hutch Pakistan:

Hutch is renowned as Pakistan’s most famous luxurious bed sheet brand. They offer an extensive range of bed sheets and comforter sets to enhance the modern outlook of your home. You can shop both online or by visiting their outlet as well.

  • Ideas by Gul Ahmed:

Not only great with the affordability, but Ideas offer distinct designs and colors with real incorporation of Pakistani culture. Their quality does not last long, but ideas are delivering greatly in terms of designs and diversity.

About Us:

Hangree is the top retailer and manufacture of classical bed sheets in Pakistan. When in doubt, choose Hangree! Our catalog includes different types of bed sheets in a very affordable range. Talk about style and luxury, blend them into a smooth combination, and Hangree bedsheets would be on top of the list.

Regardless of the season, type, and design, our team never compromised the quality and style of the bedsheets we offer. Despite online scams being so common, we believe in absolute transparency with our clients. You choose it, and we deliver it.

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