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List of Baby Clothing Brands in Lahore - Location And Price Range

October 07, 2020

Nowadays baby clothing brands are in demand like men and women fashion brands. Mothers are concerned that their babies wear the best clothes at home and events. Baby’s fashion and accessories are in line with men's and women's clothing trends. Parents are keen to make their children look the best among the rest. Numerous baby clothing brands in Lahore are known for their high-quality casual and formal dresses. In this article, I will tell you about the top 6 baby’s clothing brands offering high-quality dresses for babies. So, in this article, I’ll tell you what brand you should go to and why. The following are some renowned clothing brands offering baby’s wear.

  • Khadi
  • J. Baby’s wear
  • Breakout
  • Cocobee
  • Hopscotch 
  • Rollover Baby’s wear

Rollover Baby’s Wear:

Rollover makes the parenthood journey magical with an amazing collection of kid's wear. The latest designs are adorable, vibrant, and trendy. Their collection has delicate embroidery with top-notch printing on it. 

  • Product: Rollover manufactures high-quality shirts, t-shirts, jackets, tights, sweaters, hoodies, etc. Their ethnic wear is full of fresh and fun designs. Their shalwar kameez and kurta pajamas are best to wear on traditional occasions. 
  • Price: The prices start at 1000PKR. They also offer discounts on their items on occasion.
  • Location: Rollover Kid’s Clothing is on MM Alam Road, Emporium Mall, Link Raod, Packages Mall, and Fortress Square
Rollover Kids collection


The Rollover brand is specifically for infants, children, and kids. Parent’s shopping experience will become more promising and unique with this amazing baby clothing brand. The Rollover outlets are serving their customers from their official website.

Junaid Jamsheed:

Junaid Jamsheed’s J. serves in baby’s wear to celebrate the traditional occasions Eid, Ramazan, Weddings, etc. Their traditional dresses are a combination of eastern and western wear making every occasion special and unique. 

  • Products: They are offering Kurtis, shalwar kameez, and teen bottoms for babies and infants. They have collections for baby’s aged 0-14 years. 
  • Price: Their prices start at 2500 PKR. They offer discounts on their dresses in different seasons through clearance sales, Azadi sales, etc.
  • Location: J. is in Fortress Square, Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, The Mall of Lahore, and MM Alam Road.

Junaid Jamsheed Kids

Baby’s corner is full of vibrant colors so pick the best one for your child now. They are offering traditional wear for babies and boys along with the dresses for infants. 


Hopscotch brand provides a magical and fantastic collection for the children to add value to their joy and wonder of childhood

  • Products: From infants to 14 years old, baby’s wear offers a wide range of t-shirts, shirts, tops, and pants and skirts, etc. They offer an eye-catching collection of western and eastern collections. Even in the baby’s wear, you will be amazed to see ruffles, appliques, embroidery on floral and digital prints. 
  • Price: They offer clothes in the affordable range starting from 1000 PKR to 2000PKR. 
  • Location: Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, and Gulberg Galleria

Hopscotch kids

The premium quality fabric, beautiful prints, refine stitches are all making the baby’s wear demanding for the customers. It is one of the bestbaby clothing brands in Lahore. 


Hangree is an online platform serving in the clothing line for years. They have a wide range of baby clothes known for quality and fine stitching. 

  • Products: Hangree is providing dresses for babies, teenage boys, and girls.
  • Prices: Their price range starts from 1000 PKR and above. 
  • Location: Hangree is providing their services from Lahore, and providing their products online. 

Hangree Kids

The quality dresses and suits available at Hangree at affordable prices making your formal and casual events unique and memorable. 


Cocobee is a famous brand dealing in children’s clothes. They have a festive collection of boys and girls ready-to-wear dresses. You can feel satisfaction over the fabric quality. They have a wide collection of kids wear and accessories.

  • Products:They offer t-shirts for boys and girls, polo shirts, coats, sweaters, boy’s hoodies, and other eastern wear. They also have tops & t-shirts, Kurtis, pants, tights, jeans, and sweaters, coats, and girl’s hoodies along with different eastern wear.
  • Location: Cocobee outlet is in Amanah Mall, Lahore. 
  • Price: Their prices start from 2000 PKR to above. They also provide discounts to their customers when they offer clearance sales. 
Cocobee kids

Cocobee never compromises on the quality of its products which is enough to make their customers happy and satisfied. 


Khaadi is well-known for women's clothes and accessories, but they have also targeted the kids wear presenting a unique mixture of eastern and western traditions.

  • Products: They have divided kid’s wear into two sections: eastern dresses for babies, and western dresses for babies. 
  • Locations: Khaadi’s outlet is in Packages Mall, Amanah Mall, Fortress Square, and various locations including MM Alam road, Gulshan-e-Ravi main boulevard Road, Allama Iqbal Town, etc. 
  • Price: It starts from 2000 PKR and above depending on the design and fineness of the clothes. 

Khaadi kids

Khaadi is the best option for dresses having an innovative fusion of eastern and western touch.


Breakout is known for its New York street style dresses in Pakistan. It is serving baby’s wear collection. 

  • Products: For boys aged 1-12years old, they are providing polo, shirts, bottoms, shoes, and accessories for 1-12 years children. 
  • Location: Breakout stores are located in every mall including Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Xinhua Mall, Mall of Lahore, Amanah Mall, and other locations including Defense, Gulberg, and MM Alam Road.
  • Prices: Prices start from 1500 and above depending on the quality and design of the dress. 

Breakout Kids

Breakout, the bestbaby clothing brands in Lahore, has been representing style and quality since 2010. Breakout works on a basis of creativity and responsibility, fused with a mirroring New York street style. They are providing an easy-going and effortless style for baby’s using authentic and quality fabric in a very comfortable style. 

Baby clothing is equally important in the fashion textile industry after brands have become popular. They are offering a solution for the ready-to-wear quality dresses for baby’s saving you from the extra hard work of designing and stitching children’s clothes.