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Guide for Bed Sheets Online Shopping in Pakistan

May 10, 2021

Bed Sheets Online Shopping in Pakistan

Indeed, bed sheets are the only thing that can either make or break the overall theme of your bedroom. Here’s a guide to know how to find online bed sheets in Pakistan.

Imagine getting back to your bedroom after a tiring day at work! Not finding comfort in your bed is one of the greatest disappointments. All of us are well aware that a bedroom needs to be a comfortable space in a home. If you no longer feel at ease, it’s time that you start questioning the reason? While I can’t be certain about the absolute cause but there’s one thing I know, which might be your rough or worn out bedsheet causing uneasiness.

As bed sheets come in direct contact with your body, they need to be comfortable for an enhanced comfort level.  Apart from texture, there are quite a lot of things you must know to buy bedsheets online.

For obvious reasons, getting to buy bedsheets online is one of the most challenging shopping tasks in Pakistan. To choose among a variety of types, colors, textures, sizes, and fabric sounds like a complex task to do. Since Pakistan is a textile hub, there is an abundant variety of online bed sheets available at certain brands. Here are some golden tips to buy Bedsheets in Pakistan.

Things to Consider While Doing Online Bed Sheet Shopping

When we talk about bedrooms, it automatically bring down all attention to bedsheets, as they receive the highest amount of attention, thus they have to be good enough!

I know what you might be thinking! I agree, that all bedsheets serve the same purpose but if you have a thirst for durable and catchy designs, then you must need to understand the tips for making the right choice. Have a look at the following guide!

  • Single Vs. Double Bedsheet

The first thing you have to look for is the size. Yes, the size of the bedsheet is very important before you dwell on further details. There are majorly two sizes of bedsheet which are most common in Pakistan. Single bed sheets are most suitable for bedrooms belonging to a single person. They are meant to be used for smaller bed sizes. However, when it comes to the main bedroom. Double bed sheets are what people prefer the most. These bedsheets are larger and some types come with matching quilt accessories as well.

A third yet, infamous type is the king-size bedsheets which are excessively larger. This size mostly fits bed sizes in luxury and grand bedrooms. Thus, before making a choice, make sure you have an understanding of which size your bed requires and what you are looking for in a specific bedsheet.

  • Look For the Fabric

When it comes to shopping for bed sheets online, the quality and texture of the fabric are what concern us the most. There is a diversified range of fabrics available online. Bedsheets with a minimum thread count quickly lose their form and structure while those with maximum thread are said to last longer. Before you proceed to checkout make your to check if the fabric is for summer or winter. Don’t know how to distinguish?

Well, there are multiple types of fabric ranging from cotton, satin, silk, and velvet to flannel bedsheets. If you require a bedsheet for summer, cotton is a highly reliable fabric as it let the air pass through it thus, feels light and breezy.  However, in the case of winter go for silk and velvety texture, as they are super comfortable and provide a cozy feeling in winters.

  • Focus on the Prints

Finally, prints are what makes us instantly classify a bedsheet as good or bad. But when it comes to online shopping, make sure to not get yourself fooled by deceiving pictures. Even though a bedsheet might look captivating but a close-up of the image brings disappointment.

A simple way to overcome this trouble is to prefer, solid, stripes or checkered designs of bedsheets. What if someone isn’t fond of these patterns? Well, here a quick fix to this problem as well. An overall pattern over a bedsheet is another highly preferred print by people in Pakistan.

Since no one can guarantee any online purchase to be ideally perfect, therefore it’s better to opt for designs with the least risk of being different than shown in pictures.

  • Check Policy Statement

Another crucial step is to check a brand’s policy statement. This statement can give a clear overview of the brand’s aim and promises they provide. Most of the brands offer a separate guide for cleaning as well. It is done to make sure your process the bedsheets in the right way so they don’t fade or damage while cleaning.

Moreover, go through the shipping requirement and details of the brand as well. Due to negligible behavior on account of the consumer, some brands don’t offer services without any advance payment. So keeping in mind all the details, Place your order within authentic brands for a memorable online shopping experience.

  • Go Through Customer Reviews

Last but not the least, quality and customer reviews are going to be your savior. Half of the questions that pop into your mind can be answered once you read product reviews. These elaborated reviews give a clear insight into specifications, features, and cons which are not clearly stated by the brand itself.

Thus, if you want to make sure the procedure goes fluently, make sure you go through quality reviews as well. They can effectively keep you from falling prey to many of the fake brands running their business.

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