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Article: List of Men's Clothing Brands in Lahore - Location And Price Range

List of Men's Clothing Brands in Lahore - Location And Price Range

Men's Clothing Brands

You can find affordable and high-quality stitched and unstitched fabric for males from the following list of brands. They will be within their price range and suitable for their fashion style. Here are brand recommendations for males starting from the head and ending at toes. Buy Shalwar Kameez, formal and casual shirts, and jeans at Junaid Jamsheed J., Uniworth Dress Co. (Shirt and Tie Shop), Royal Tag _Men's formal & casual wear brand, Lawrencepur, Hangree, Edenrobe, Charcoal, and Alkaram Studios. I recommend the following list of men’s clothing brands in Lahore as all make high-quality stuff in an affordable range.

Uniworth Dress Co. (Shirt and Tie Shop):

Uniworth spruces up your wardrobe with a sharp, distinguished, and authentic collection. Fashion devotees appreciate it's a tremendous collection. They aim to provide valued customers with top-quality products. They offer:

  • Products: shirts, suiting, ethnic wear, t-shirts, kurta, and accessories of high quality.
  • Price: Price range starts from 2000PKR
  • Location: Uniworth invests in online clothes shopping in Pakistan. They have outlets at Allama Iqbal town, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Fortress Square, Model Town, and Shadman. 

You can go to the shop from Uniworth for creative and innovative attire as they try to be 'Best in Class' since their establishment.

Royal Tag - Men’s Formal and Casual Wear Brand

Royal Tag is a smart dealer of formal fashion retail and among the top male clothing brands in Lahore.

They provide quality formal and casual wear for their consistent customers and valued customers. Their mission is to provide 'quality products and consistent customer care’ to achieve long-lasting success in the market. 

  • Products: T-shirts, Polo t-shirts, casual and formal t-shirts, pants, and trousers are available. 
  • Price: They offer high-quality fabric in an affordable price range starting from 2000 PKR. 
  • Location: Royal Tag outlets are in Lahore Packages Mall, Fortress Square, Model Town, Raja Sahib, etc.

Royal Tag makes men's wardrobe complete with their elegant, comfortable, and easy clothes.


Lawrencepur is a one window solution for men's complete wardrobe. Their dresses are as per the latest fashion trends. You will find the fabric easy to wear and light-weight to relax in hot weather. They specialize in giving dresses a class and style through perfect tailoring. 

  • Products: You can buy suits, jackets, coats, trousers, waistcoats, shirts, eastern wear, polo shirts, sweater, basic tee, and other necessary accessories. 
  • Price: Their price range starts from 2000 PKR 
  • Location: They have outlets in DHA Lahore, Gulberg Galleria, and the Emporium Mall, etc. 

Lawrencepur is a solution for dresses with the finest stitching and quality fabric. They are providing elegant, fresh, and modern designs to cater to the fashion needs of their customers. 


Edenrobe serves under the name of 'Eden Apparels' with distinguishing patterns and designs. They serve the best ready-to-wear dresses in beautiful colors to meet the requirements of the modern family wardrobe.

  • Products: t-shirts (basic t-shirts, graphic t-shirts), polo shirts, ethnic wear (Shalwar, kameez, kurtas, swish collection and waistcoats), trousers (denim pants and simple pants), and formal suits are available at Eden Robe. 
  • Price: They offer dresses, suits, and formal dresses starting from 2000 PKR. 
  • Location: Gulberg, Link Road, Allama Iqbal Town, Mall Road, and Cantt.      

Edenrobe is an obvious choice for valued customers for fine and genuine fabric. They offer the best tailoring and designing to satisfy the fashion needs of their consistent customers. They balance modern and traditional style and quality.


Hangree collection is unique for its modern approach. They provide the customer's products necessary to deal with their regular clothing needs. It serves best to make their formal, casual, weddings, gatherings, and events classy. The high-quality fabric at an affordable price is the replacement of high-branded expensive clothes. 

  • Products: They offer a great collection of shalwar kameez, kurtas, pajamas, waistcoats, and activewear. They never compromise on their fineness and quality.
  • Price: The price range starts from 2000 PKR 
  • Location: It is a Lahore based outlet with great online shopping facilities.  

Hangree is the best choice for buying affordable menswear in modern and traditional styles. You can choose an outfit from their website gallery to make formal gatherings, events, parties, and weddings memorable.

Junaid Jamsheed J.

  1. is the best men's eastern wear in high-quality and fine fabric. This brand takes pride in dealing with eastern wear for men of all ages. They revive Pakistan's cultural heritage by making Shalwar Kameez  popular wear.
  • Products: They offer Shalwar Kameez, Kurtas collection, footwear, unstitched fabric. They deal with a range of breathtaking fragrances and bread oil, etc. 
  • Price: Their prices start from 3000 PKR 
  • Location: J. outlets are serving their regular customers from the shopping malls like Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Fortress Square, and MM Alam road, etc. 
  1. is Junaid Jamsheed's vision of making Pakistan's traditional wear Shalwar Kameez popular. The brand never compromises on the quality of its fabric, stitching, and designing. It is a great place to shop trendy, traditional, and stylish eastern menswear in our country.

Alkaram Studios:

Alkaram is an option for buying high-quality men's fashion lawn collections. They provide you a chance to live with style by selecting a wide range of men's collections. Their products are completely branded following the highest standards of quality. 

  • Products: Alkaram Studios provide a great collection of men's shalwar kameez, kurtas, pajamas, waistcoats, and other men wear necessary for daily use. 
  • Price: Their prices start from 2000 PKR although they offer sale discounts on occasions. 
  • Location: Alkaram Studios have outlets in shopping malls Packages mall, Emporium mall, Fortress Square, and other important locations like Allama Iqbal Town, and Gulshan-e-Ravi, etc. 

It is a fabulous choice for men to choose this brand to dress well, and their lawn collection is desirable for men. The high-quality fabric in different colors and soothing designs distinguishes the brand from others.


Charcoal men wear is a leading retailer in Pakistan dealing with the men's apparel and accessories. Their dedication brings them in a row with the country's best men wear manufacturers. Recently started their journey, Charcoal outlet offers casual and formal men wear at a reasonable price.

  • Products: They offer kurtas, formal and casual suiting and other active men wear.
  • Price: Their price range starts from 2000-2500 PKR.
  • Location: It is located in DHA, Gulberg, Wapda Town, Amanah Mall, and Packages Mall, etc.

The charcoal brand retains its position among top clothing brands as it has amazing services regarding men's wear in Pakistan.

The aforementioned clothing brands in Pakistan for males are exceptional as they have branded clothes in fine and high-quality fabric. They focus to make their consumers happy and satisfied so they can trust in their services. You can make these clothes part of your wardrobe by purchasing them at an affordable and reasonable price.

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