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List of Jeans Brands in Pakistan - Store Locations

July 31, 2023


No amount of tops and shirts serve their purpose if you don't have jeans to pair them up. Imagine wearing an exclusive t-shirt with an old pair of jeans; it will never make you look best. Instead, rough jeans would dull the sparkle of your exclusive t-shirt as well. Thus, no attire is complete when you don't have jeans to uplift the entire outlook.

When nothing seems to work, denim jeans are always going to be there to save your day. According to statistics, men are more into jeans shopping than women. This is why jeans brands in Pakistan are flourishing at a very fast pace. It is now among the modern trend to wear classic pairs of jeans to look stylish and handsome.

Many people face complexities, as they don't know about the best jeans brand in Pakistan. Thus, they end up paying higher amounts in return for low-quality jeans. Are you low on budget but still want to look fashionable? Well, here is a list of the top leading jeans brand in Pakistan. They are sure to provide exclusive quality with a variety of jeans. Let's have a look at these brands.


This is a name you must have heard of. Every Pakistani man loves to trust Levi's for their efficient service. This brand has made a prominent name in the domain due to the fine quality and uniqueness of the products they offer.

Levi's has an extensive range of multiple types of jeans. You name it, and they have it. No matter how unique the color you want, Levi's offers many vibrant and colorful shades of red, orange, and turquoise in jeans.

Apart from their colorful collection, they offer high-quality denim as well. When it comes to their specialty, Levi's is loved for their fit jeans and informal straight jeans. Moreover, their comfort fit jeans and tapper boot cut jeans are also love my men in Pakistan.

Levi's have several outlets in many different cities of Pakistan. Their services spread all across Pakistan. Therefore, One must visit them for some significant collections.


Diesel is a brand that stands for its uniqueness and the excellent quality it offers. This brand has always tried to stay ahead of modern trends and come up with the most dramatic and eye-catching designs. Thus, they are famous among youngsters and men all over Pakistan.

Ever since their advent in 1978, they have been making the most top-notch denim in Pakistan. Moreover, they have introduced fresh, fun colors to grab everyone's attention.

This brand is claimed international denim brand. They currently have their outlet functional in Packages Mall. However, you can visit their website to have a clear idea about the type of impeccable jeans they provide.

Hangree Pakistan:

When we talk about the best jeans brand in Pakistan,this name shines among the top trusted and reliable brands for quality jeans of all ages. The most popular thing about their jeans is that it carries a statement style. Pair their jeans with anything, and you are sure to look charming than ever.

Hangree deals in multiple types of jeans. Cotton jeans are their specialty and top sellers. Keeping in mind the approaching summers, cotton jeans are best to maintain the style and comfortable wear collectively. This brand has its entire range shaped up as per the belief that clothing is meant to suit the customer's needs. Thus, considering the trends and preferences of Pakistani men out there, It has denim, ripped, crippled and textured jeans all under one roof.

They have their functional outlet in Johar Town, Lahore and follow a price range of Rs. 1000-2500 for all their exclusive types of jeans. If you are looking for some good quality and affordable jeans in Lahore, visit this amazing collection page.

Pepe Jeans:

Pepe jeans originally started up in London, but now they have spread out branches in Lahore and Karachi as well. This brand is a top-class international brand, thus providing the quality equivalent to many of the similar influential brands as the quality boosts up the price doubles. Thus they have prices significantly higher than many other classic brands in Pakistan.

However, if you are someone extremely fond of international brands, this brand is a definite hit for you. They have in store everything ranging from casual and formal wear to jeans specific for special events and those matching with special outfits.

They can help you personalize your jeans as per the body shape. Thus if you are a lover of skinny jeans, stylish cuts, or simple styles, Pepe jeans never fail to please their reputable clients.


If you are a fashionista and don't want to miss out on any of the upcoming fashion trends, then mango is definitely going to be your perfect brand. You must not miss out on their collection.

When it comes to their jeans, their fitting is what them so exceptional. Thus, they take the edge over other brands. Moreover, it is the most loved brand by elites in Pakistan as their jeans are comfiest to wear in blazing summers as well.

Mango is among one of the most expensive jeans brands in Pakistan, but you can definitely find something good and classy during their sales.


Outfitters established in 2003, aiming to provide the newest trends to Pakistani society. They now have more than 60 outlets in multiple cities of Pakistan. Outfitters is famous for always bring the newest trend in Pakistan. They offer a large variety of jeans that turn out to be extremely unique. Their famous collection includes slim fit, ripped denim, and shaded jeans as well.

To Sum it Up!

Now that you know all about leading brands let me tell you, Hangree is my personal favorite for having top-notch quality and efficient customer service. If you want to gain value for your money, check their collection for the most affordable and new styles of jeans in Pakistan.